What is your life purpose?

Find out what wants to come through into your life.

Welcome to Portal Readings by Ankara

What is a Portal Reading?

Imagine a hillside filled with your angels, guides, loved ones who have crossed over and every being that is interested in your life, your mission and your purpose in this life…we call this group, your entourage. Your entourage gathers for one purpose: to send a message through the portal about what wants to come through you into this life.

You then enter onto the scene through a doorway, shrouded in smoke. You step through the doorway, cleansed of all pre-conceived ideas about who you are, and take your place on the other side of the portal from your entourage.

What message/purpose wants to come through you into this life?

The Answer: A Word
A single word…and then an explanation of this word, which is never quite what you think it will mean, that describes you, your life and/or your purpose. Or, it may be the answer to the question you asked…and maybe even to the one you didn’t ask.

A portal reading consists of:

  • Any significant observations about your personal entourage
  • The Word that represents what wants to come through YOU into this life or refers to your specified question
  • What that word really means or represents in your life purpose/situation
  • Any additional messages from your entourage
  • Contacting your guides will often take an hour or more to get your reading (offline), while the scheduled (live) reveal is about 20 minutes
  • You will receive a written recap of your reading following the reveal

To request a reading:

  1. Choose either an:
    – Inclusive Reading or
    – Specific Reading, indicating your question
  2. Fill out your information
  3. Schedule a time for the portal reading reveal, allowing at least 3 days for Ankara to contact your entourage (this is not done live)
  4. Complete payment information and Submit